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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Zambia’s Good Nature Agro named among Africa’s fastest growing companies in 2024

Good Nature Agro, the Zambian company helping smallholder farmers reach the middle class, has been recognized by the Financial Times in the annual ranking...

Friends of the earth but not friends of Africa – How an environmental group is deepening African energy poverty

The second annual Invest in African Energy Forum was held in Paris from May 14-15, uniting over 750 African officials and global investors with...

Miranda Abraham: After years in the cold, there are signs of renewed investor interest in Africa as of 2024

Over the past few years, African debt markets have faced significant challenges due to a combination of factors including soft global economic conditions, the...

Dr. Helal and Mutimura: Role of financial services in achieving financial inclusion in Rwanda and beyond

The momentum of financial inclusion programmes is progressively strengthened as financial institutions, businesses and consumers embrace cashless convenience and digital payments that are secure...

Tuna Yemisci: From big to better data – putting AI trends into practice

Organisations have traditionally valued volume, velocity, and variety as the classic drivers of 'big data'. However, as we start to explore the promise of...
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