Kenyan short films Influenced and Teka set to premiere on 29th June

#WeWatchKenyan with MyMovies.Africa examines life on social media versus reality.

Actor of short film Teka, Nick Olwah.

In 2024, what is Reality really? That’s the question that #WeWatchKenyan
with MyMovies.Africa shall examine, during its sixth watch party for the year, at Out Reality, The Mall (basement) in Westlands – Nairobi, on Saturday 29th June, from 6.00pm, for a 7.00pm screening and 8.00pm-9.30pm question and answer with the cast & crew.

Created by Yakwetu, #WeWatchKenyan with MyMovies.Africa™ is a monthly watch party aimed at promoting local film and content, as well as building a community of Kenyan creatives who actually watch Kenyan content.

The two short films this month, are:
Influenced: Dive into the glamorous, yet fragile, world of Ben (George Waweru) and Kay (Ciku Waithaka) – a popular influencer couple. Watch as their picture-perfect life begins to crumble during a pivotal shoot, exposing the raw emotions behind their curated image.

Teka: Feel the intensity of Amani’s (Nick Olwah) journey, burdened by debt and desperate enough to kidnap a social media influencer – Hope (Amina Hussein). Their encounter is a gripping tale of vulnerability and unexpected connection, that will leave you breathless.

“Being a social media strategist, and a film critic, this is such a perfect conversation for me to moderate!”, says Nkatha, host of Talk Film To Me podcast. “I can’t wait to watch these two films, and discuss their take on social media with the cast, crew and audience.”

“This month we’re bringing some comedy and dramedy to #WeWatchKenyan with
MyMovies.Africa.”, says Mr. Mike Strano, co-founder, chief operations officer of Yakwetu. “On our panel are some very funny stand-up comedians, who also write and produce. They are generously sharing their secrets for success, with our audience of students, professionals and fans.”

Meet the brilliant minds behind these films:
✓ Justine Wanda – writer and producer of Influenced.
✓ Ciku Waithaka – Writer and Actress of Influenced.
✓ Samuel Oduor – writer, director and producer of Teka.
✓ Adams Eston – assistant producer of Teka.
✓ Nick Olwah – actor of Teka.

Tickets (only 80 Seats) are fast selling-out for the fifth #WeWatchKenyan by MyMovies.Africa™ of 2024, featuring the hilarious Influenced and gripping Teka, at Out Reality, The Mall (basement) in Westlands, on Saturday 29th June 2024 (6.00pm, for a 7.00pm screening, 8.00pm-9.30pm Q&A and 9.30pm-10.00pm networking).

Get your tickets, from just KES 349; and discounts are available for duos, trios, squads & groups, here.

Tickets include:
✓Screening of Influenced and Teka.
✓ An engaging post-screening question & answer, with the talented cast and crew.
✓ Networking with the cast & crew, as well as other professionals and students from the Kenya creative industry.
✓ A free 7-day rental of Influenced and Teka, exclusively on MyMovies.Africa to rewatch with family & friends at home.

Plus, you can conveniently pre-order your favourite Milya’s flavoured popcorn and Kenyan originals cider or iced tea while getting your Tickets on MyMovies.Africa.

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